Our Facilities Support World Class Education and Research

Our research and education partners understand how important creating inspiring spaces to do our work. We follow our College’s strategic plan and the commitment to renewing and enhancing our facilities.

Our educational curricula emphasize the value of hands-on learning, especially when the subject matter is centered on the health, welfare, and production of livestock. Students studying in any of our degree programs will find themselves doing their coursework in several of our facilities.

Equine Sciences Program Facilities

Our Equine Sciences program facilities are housed on approximately 80 acres on the CSU Foothills Campus. Our facilities include three barns, two indoor arenas, an outdoor arena, multiple indoor stalls and outdoor pens.

In the spring of 2021 we opened our doors to the new state-of-the-art Temple Grandin Equine Center, which houses our extensive Equine Assisted Services programming, research and advanced coursework.

Facility Rentals

A number of our equine facilities and equipment are available for rental. Generally, all rentals are handled through CSU Facilities Management. But if you have preliminary questions regarding our facilities, please email our ETRC Facilities Manager, Sheila Puckett. sheila.puckett@colostate.edu

Animal Sciences Program Facilities

We are proud of the state-wide footprint we have developed throughout the years. You’ll see we are meeting research and development where it’s happening right now in Colorado. Our students get the opportunity to explore their areas of interest in facilities equipped with advanced equipment developed through rigorous evidence-based collaborations with our industry partners.

Meat Science Partner Facilities

Our suite of Meat Science Program facilities incorporates our commitment to educational excellence and innovation addressing all aspects of meat safety. Our facilities include a complete livestock and meat processing center that addresses the entire meat-animal harvesting process. Students will learn in our fully equipped livestock arena, Temple Grandin-designed humane holding and harvesting areas, analytics labs, and full service meat and dairy store.