Ryan Rhodes Research Focus

Research interests include systems/simulation modelling applications to evaluate the efficiency of alternative beef production systems and developing strategies to decrease input costs for cow-calf operations through herd level performance analysis. For example, Total Ranch Analysis for Colorado (T.R.A.C.) is a statewide collaborative partnership in research-extension program involving campus faculty, extension personnel, cattlemen’s associations, and beef producers. Participant ranches complete an in-depth financial, production, and management analysis of their cowherd, with the help of CSU Beef Systems faculty and trained graduate students, using a standardized methodology. T.R.A.C. analyzes annual livestock production and financial performance on (30+) Colorado ranches and collected data are used to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and benchmarks. In total, the program benchmarks (30+) different production, financial, and cost of production KPI’s. Research results provide Colorado ranchers with timely and accurate information about their land and business to make more effective decisions and be more profitable. Data analysis results have strengthened producer and educator knowledge of production and financial targets and increased the value of cow-calf management recommendations in Colorado.


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Ryan Rhodes

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