Dairy Management Systems

The Dairy System Research and Outreach group at Colorado State University is a multidisciplinary team composed of Animal Scientist, Veterinarians, and Extensionists that perform stakeholder engaged science to identify, measure, develop, and implement solutions to support the local, national, and global Dairy industry.

Our goal is to provide producers with evidence-based decision tools regarding animal health and welfare, reproduction efficiency, milk quality, worker safety, and profitability. In research and outreach our endeavors, we are committed to educate students and stakeholders with a reciprocal approach to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the U.S. dairy industry.

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Diego Manriquez Alvares Research Focus 

My research focuses on improving the health performance of dairy cattle from birth and throughout the producing life. This research includes the development of early detection of disease strategies and the integration of epidemiologic, behavioral, metabolic, and microbiome data to understand the impact of productive practices on dairy cattle performance, workers, and the environment. Ongoing research includes assessment of indoor air quality in dairies, proteomic dynamics of dairy heifers experiencing thermal stress, and the use of extended colostrum feeding to enhance health and reproductive performance.

Pablo Pinedo Research Focus

Dr Pinedo’s research is mostly completed in commercial dairies, exploring the interrelationships between cow health and wellbeing, overall performance, and system sustainability. A substantial portion of his research focuses on the application of novel management strategies on the prevention and early detection of disease in large dairy herds, using innovative precision technologies to monitor behavioral, physiological, and performance variables that can help to prevent or reduce losses related to illness.

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Dairy Management Systems Research Faculty

Catie Cramer

Assistant Professor

Diego Manriquez Alvarez

Pablo Pinedo

Noa Roman-Muniz

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs, Interim Head of Agricultural Biology