Gaining Experience

Gaining career experience can take many forms often referred to as experiential learning. Approach gaining experience with curiosity and an open mind to try new things you may have never considered before.

Gaining experience in areas with direct connections to fields you are interested in and in areas outside of your fields of interest are both valuable ways to learn about yourself and gain valuable skills you can apply to your future goals.

CSU Career Competencies

Are the skills and knowledge that employers value and often these are gained through a variety of experiences that relate to fields of interest as well as transferable experiences you gain throughout your college experience.

Assess the competencies you feel confident in already and set goals for yourself to seek out experience to build in areas you have less confidence in.

Visit the Career Competencies Website


Internships are experiences that allow students to apply classroom knowledge in a professional setting, develop practical skills, and learn more about jobs and industries of interest.


Research enables students to make a contribution to the discipline by exploring an issue of interest and communicating those results to others. Typically, research is under the mentorship of a faculty advisor.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Are a way for students to find a community with others that share common interests, learn more about their career field, make a difference on campus, and step into leadership roles.

Finding Job and Internships Opportunities

Job and internship searching often starts with connecting with your community and reflecting on your experiences to evaluating what may be the right next step in your journey. Check out the Career Exploration page for more tips on self-reflection as you dive into job searching. Remember, to remain open-minded and curious about new opportunities you may not have considered before.

The Pride’s Guide to the Job Search and Employment

A resource that provides support in navigating the job search and employment process as a LGBTQIA* person. This resource covers topics like disclosing identities, dressing for a job, and questions to ask in an interview to understand more about a company’s priorities and values.

2 Hour Job Search Presentation 

A recorded workshop on learning a systematic approach that can support strategizing your job search.

Job Scams Resource 

Employment Job Scams are sometimes easy to fall into when you are looking for employment. If you ever have questions about an opportunity of interest, contact the Career Center.

Job and Internship Sites

Handshake – Great place to start your search process. Professional organization often have job boards included on their websites. Visiting individual organizations and company websites often have a dedicated listings of their jobs and internship.

  • AgHires: Offers a wide range of agricultural job listings, including positions in farming, agronomy, and related fields.
  • AgCareers: Focuses on agriculture-related job opportunities across various sectors, including crop production, agribusiness, and more.
  • Environmental Career: Focuses on environmental and sustainability job opportunities, including positions in conservation, renewable energy, and more.
  • Idealist: Lists job opportunities in various fields, including sustainability, nonprofit, and social impact.
  • Renewable Energy Jobs: Focuses on job opportunities in the renewable energy sector, including solar, wind, and bioenergy.
  • USA JOBS: The official job board of the U.S. federal government, offering a wide range of job opportunities across various agencies and departments.
  • State of Colorado: The official job board provides listings for job opportunities within various state agencies and departments, offering a range of positions in public service and government roles.
  • USDA-ARS: Job board for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Agricultural Research Service.
  • LinkedIn: A professional networking and job/internship platform.
  • Higher Ed Jobs: Specializes in job listings within higher education institutions, including positions in academia, research, and administration, which can include roles related to agricultural sciences.
  • Science Societies Career Center: Offers job listings in various scientific disciplines, including agricultural science, plant biology, and related fields.
  • AgriRecruiting: Offers recruitment services for agribusiness positions, helping candidates find opportunities in agricultural management and related fields.
  • Farm and Ranch Jobs: This platform includes job listings related to farm management and agricultural business operations.
  • National Association of Agricultural Educators Job Boards: Features positions related to agricultural education at various levels, including K-12 and postsecondary education.
  • K12JobSpot: A platform that provides job listings for K-12 education positions, including opportunities in agricultural education and related fields.
  • HireHorticulture: Specialized job board focused on connecting job seekers with opportunities in the horticulture industry.
  • HortJobs: is a dedicated job board for the horticulture industry, featuring a wide range of job listings in areas such as landscaping, arboriculture, greenhouse management, and more.
  • SeedQuest: Provides job listings specifically in the field of seeds and agriculture, including positions related to plant breeding, seed production, research, and more.