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We are here to help you on every step of your education in Agricultural and Resource Economics. Each program is unique and our advisors specialize in your specific need. Follow the link that best describes your degree type to get the support and information you need.

For Current Students

If you are already enrolled as a student additional resources and department related activities are available through the Agricultural and Resource Economics Intranet Portal.

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Meet Your Undergraduate Student Success Coordinators

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

Taylor advises last names A-J for Ag Business, Environmental and Natural Res Economics
All students for Livestock Business Management 

Jessee Kuklakis

Jesse Kuklakis

Jesse advises last names K-Z for Ag Business and Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

Aubriel Zachman

Aubriel Zachman

Aubriel advises All students for Ag Education Majors and Minors

DARE Student Outcomes

Successful graduates from undergraduate programs in Agricultural and Resource Economics are expected to exhibit proficiency in several areas we call the DARE Outcomes.

Our Signature Works Program pairs you up with a faculty mentor and helps support you as you pursue these outcomes.

Professional Development

Graduates will embody a general awareness of issues in agricultural and natural resource management and education and their implications in a larger societal context.  Students will begin to develop a network of personal and professional connections which will foster an understanding of the culture surrounding professional expectations and conduct.

Technical Competence

Graduates will demonstrate technical competency within their chosen discipline including the ability to use the appropriate theory and methods in approaching problems, identifying and gathering appropriate evidence, and employing appropriate methods to analyze that evidence, utilizing appropriate available technology in all phases.

Problem-solving Skills

Graduates will demonstrate the ability to solve real-world problems beyond the context of the classroom. Students will be able to identify a problem and its scope, evaluate resources available to address the problem, formulate alternative solutions, and select the solution(s) most consistent with a stated objective. 

Communication Skills

Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication in terms of substance, organization, mechanics, documentation, and synthesis. Proficient students will have the ability to clearly communicate findings, critically and analytically, at a professional level within their chosen career.


Graduates will have developed leadership qualities that they will use in their professional, personal and community interactions leveraging the other competencies acquired in the program.  These leadership qualities include vision, initiative, personal responsibility, team building, and motivating collective action.