Agricultural & Resource Economics

About Agricultural & Resource Economics

We are a diverse group working in nearly every area of agriculture. Considering how we make decisions and think about agriculture and natural resources at every level of economics, education, and policy is our primary contribution to agricultural sciences.

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DARE cultivates sustainable agricultural, food, and natural resource systems through transformative education, engaged scholarship, and policy analysis.


Over the next 5 years, DARE aims to accomplish the following: 

  • Research: Enhance our reputation among stakeholders as among the leaders in the fields of agricultural education, rural economic development, food system economics, and natural resource conservation. 
  • Undergraduate Education: Become a nationally recognized program that attracts a diverse student body by providing high-quality mentoring while training the next generation of professionals. 
  • Graduate Education: Be recognized for our excellence in training placing graduates in world-renowned academic, private sector, and government institutions. 
  • Extension and Outreach: Become the go-to, most valued and responsive source of information for stakeholders throughout Colorado and beyond. 
  • Community, Diversity, and Departmental Culture: Build upon an already existing work environment that fosters a diverse set of viewpoints and inspires collaboration. DARE aims to continue to be a desirable, inclusive, enjoyable place that rewards excellence in teaching, research, and outreach. 
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DARE’s mission is rooted in, and our efforts driven by, the following shared values


Developing new knowledge through high quality, rigorous and relevant disciplinary and multidisciplinary research.

Undergraduate Education

Communicating and transferring knowledge through rigorous, yet engaging, teaching programs that produce well-rounded, career-ready students.

Graduate Education

Training the next generation of educators and scholars in the fields of agricultural, environmental and natural resource economics, and agricultural education.

Extension and Outreach

Creating impactful, informative, and innovative outreach programs that are responsive to the needs of our stakeholders.


Community, Diversity and Departmental Culture

Establishing and fostering a diverse environment which respects, values and seeks out a wide range of opinions and perspectives.

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Solving complex, global problems is difficult and recognition for our hard work is a gratifying reminder of why we love to do what we do.