One of the strengths of our department and academic programs lies in our facilities. We have access to numerous horticultural growth and testing facilities giving our researchers and students the tools they need to excel.

Our newest facility, the Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building houses our departmental headquarters. Additionally, our new building is home to new design studios, analytics laboratories, design and contracting equipment and materials.

Nutrien Building

Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building

301 University Ave., 2nd floor
Our Department is now situated at the center of state-of-the-art research, learning, innovation and collaboration.

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CSU Horticulture Center<br />

CSU Horticulture Center

Just south of the main campus, the CSU Horticulture Center was completed in 2015. The Horticulture Center supports teaching, research and collaborative projects.

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CSU flower trial garden at sunset

Flower Trial Gardens

The Annual and Perennial Flower Trial Gardens are a well known and well loved Fort Collins landmark.

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arial image of agricultural fields<br />

Horticultural Field Research Center

The Field Research Center is at the ARDEC south location. The main projects located here are the turf-grass, ornamental trees and shrubs, organic agriculture, and specialty crops research.

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plant growth facilities<br />

Plant Growth Facilities

The department uses classrooms in the northwest corner of this facility for labs in several courses.

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natural environmental sciences building<br />

Natural and Environmental Sciences

Located at 1231 East Drive, directly south of Shepardson, the Natural and Environmental Sciences Building B-wing is home to the landscape architecture studios.

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