Graduate Research Seminar Series

Our graduate students are an integral part of our research and the seminar series is part of our goal to share our current work with the academic community.

Research Programs and Laboratories

All our research programs and labs are committed to our CSU land grant mission.

scientist in laboratory

Agricultural Chemistry

Jessica Prenni is primary investigator of the Prenni Lab. Jessica and her lab focus their work on agricultural analytical chemistry.

photo of ag researcher in lab

Cancer Prevention Lab

Henry Thompson is the Director of the CSU Cancer Prevention Laboratory. The Cancer Prevention Lab focuses on pre-clinical and clinical trials for cancer prevention. 

potato seedlings<br />

Colorado Potato Breeding  and Selection Program

Jessica Chitwood-Brown is the program director of the Colorado Potato Potato Breeding and Selection program.

field of bean crops<br />

Crops for Health

Adam Heuberger manages the interdisciplinary Crops for Health program at CSU.

csu trial gardens<br />

Flower Trial Garden

Chad Miller manages the Annual Flower Trial Garden, a revered CSU landmark in the heart of Fort Collins, CO.

landscape plant<br />

Landscape Plant Research

Chad Miller is the HLA faculty member who oversees the Landscape Plant Research program.

Picture of Potatoe factory assembly line

Potato Post Harvest Biology

Sastry Jayanty runs the Colorado Potato Post Harvest Biology research program.


plants and microscope

Produce Safety Lab

Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez is the primary investigator for the Produce Safety Lab.

plant roots<br />

Rhizosphere Biology

Jorge Vivanco is the primary investigator for the Center for Root and Rhizosphere Biology.

chile peper plants

Specialty Crops

Mark Uchanski is the CSU Specialty Crops program coordinator.


Turfgrass Research

Toni Koski and Yaling Qian are primary researchers for the CSU Turfgrass Program.

Faculty Research Areas of Interest

Our department is a collection of faculty with diverse research interests.


Bioactive Plant Components

Chemistry, Phytochemistry, Analytical Science


Designing Meaningful Learning Outcomes

Dietary Intervention, Gut Health, Obesity, and Cancer Prevention

Ecophysiology, Environmental and Stress Physiology

Floriculture and Greenhouse Technology

Food Quality, Sensory, Human Health

Geospatial Technology, Land Use and Social Science

Impact of Design on Culture and Society

Irrigation Management and Landscape and Ornamental Plants

Landscape Historic Sites

Land Reclamation and Post-mined Landscapes

Landscape Design and Contracting

Nutritional Genomics

Organic and Vegetable Crops


Potato Breeding and Selection

Post Harvest and Plant Physiology

Produce Safety and Microbial Ecology

Rhizosphere Biology and Ecology

Turfgrass Sciences and Turf Ecosystem Modeling

Urban Horticulture and Green Roof Culture