Rates and Fees

Facility usage rates and fees are necessary in order to cover our operating, repair and maintenance expenses.   

PGF contains over 25 growth chambers-including 1 walk-in chamber. 

The growth chambers are in high demand, so please reach out to PGF  management well in advance to be added to the waitlist.   


Flat rates are applied across all greenhouse bays in the main facility and biosecurity “south houses”, and charged by the 1/4 bench unit.

Growth chamber rates are flat across all growth chambers.

Monthly rate: $30 per 1/4 bench = $0.57 per square foot.

Minimum space requirement: 53 square feet or 1/4 bench.

Green house
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Growth Chambers

Growth Chamber Rate: $200/month 

EGC walk-in Rate: $400/month  

Space Requests

All PGF spaces  are available to CSU-affiliated researchers via PGF User Space Request QR Code or navigate to our Space Requests form.

Requests are on a first-come, first serve basis and users are encouraged to request space before the beginning of each semester.   

Space allocation is determined by the greenhouse manager. Prospective users are encouraged to contact the greenhouse manager early on to discuss space needs and complete a space request form.  Verbal discussion or email requests are not considered official reservations.  The greenhouse manager can assist in determining the correct amount of space needed for project.  The minimum amount of bench space to request is 1/4th of a bench (about 53ft2).  It is recommended to reserve more space than anticipated. additional bench space is not a guarantee.   

Growth chambers space requests are based per chamber.  Due to limited supply and high demand of growth chambers, “squatting” in chambers is not permitted.  Users must be conducting active research in all PGF-owned chambers.  If a chamber is found to be empty for 3 consecutive months, the reservation is subject to termination.

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Facility Access

All users requiring building access MUST complete Worker Protection Standard Training AND Site-Specific Orientation prior to access approval. Registration is recommended. Once completed, access will be activated within 24-hours. Users must plan ahead to complete training requirements, day-of training is no longer provided.