Services and Supplies

As part of the user fee, PGF offers services and supplies to facilitate efficient and effective research. 

Services We Offer

  • Repair and maintenance of greenhouse & growth chamber equipment-shade, pad wall, exhaust fans, benches, etc. 
  • Manual closing of vents during high wind forecasts and subzero temperature 
  • Greenhouse, warehouse and growth chamber cleaning – sweeping, trash and compost removal, filter changes 
  • Annual deep cleaning of greenhouses-pressure washing, disinfecting, etc. 
  • Washing and UV sterilization of 1-gallon pots – users must bring dirty pots to dirty pot rack in warehouse 
  • Pest Management-biological and chemical   
  • Environmental control, set-point adjustments and seasonal photoperiod adjustment  
  • Autoclaving of materials in main PGF facility and non-transgenic material –  
  • Refilling and cleaning of south house footbaths 
  • Basic irrigation system set-up 
  • Greenhouse and growth chamber light bulb repair/replacements 

Warehouse Supplies

Items are for current, fee-paying PGF facility users.  Non-fee paying labs are welcome to purchase supplies for a fee.   

  • Promix potting mix (HP & BX)-use potting mix in white bins first  
  • Soil amendments (perlite, vermiculite, greensgrade-located in white bins) 
  • 2”, 3.5”, 4” square pots, 1 & 2 gallon round pots, 1” & 2” conetainers 
  • Humidity Domes (small & large) 
  • 1801 flats and inserts (webbed, with holes and no holes)  
  • Slow-release fertilizer (Osmocote) 
  • 200 ppm diluted fertilizer (15-5-15) 
  • White plant labels 
  • Nitrile Gloves, dust masks 
  • Bamboo stakes of various sizes 
  • Misc. tools (short-term use only) 
  • Hoses, watering wands and watering cans 
  • Dosatron fertigation 
  • Assorted specialized research equipment (scales, EC meter, etc) 
  • Carts & wagons (short term only, must be returned by the end of day) 


Available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Material must be clearly labeled with lab, date & content. 

  • Drying Oven (25C)  
  • Mist benches (112a and 104 greenhouses-contact PGF for available location) 
  • Warehouse Storage (for long-term researchers only) 
  • Cold rooms (2.4C/2C) 
  • Soil & Plant Grinding rooms (103C & B) 
compost bin

Other Services

Email Us at CAS_Greenhouse@mail.ColoState.Edu for details or requests. Fees may apply.

  • Plant Propagation 
  • Conservatory Plant Lending 
  • Special Orders 
  • Weekend/holiday watering  
trash can