Let Us Share Our Expertise

Custom Analysis Pipelines

Together with you, we tailor computational and statistical needs for your project. We help you to choose the software you need for your data and streamline the process.


We will structure and analyze your data using the latest bioinformatics methodologies. Whether your question is about differential gene expression or the development of machine learning models, we will provide this service for you.

Deliver Results

Goals are defined before each project starts. We will deliver results to you in the format you prefer, for example, Excel tables, Illustrator-friendly vector graphics, or even tables. We will help you write methods and generate graphics.

How Our Service Works

Step # 1: Initial Consultation

Meeting, phone call, or teleconference to discuss your project.

Step #2: Estimate and Timeline

We compile a project proposal for your evaluation.

Step #3: Accept or Reject

The proposal is up for your consideration.

Step #4: Bioinformatic

We develop the methods for data, analyze it, and generate figures.

Step #5: The Delivery

We deliver a project report to you.

Other Services

We have broad experience working with many different data and organism types, so it is likely that we can help you even if your topic is not listed.

We are happy to provide the consulting you need at any or all of the following steps in earning the data-based answers you request:

  • Establishing and operationalizing your hypotheses and research questions
  • Providing ample instruction on the methods used
  • Inputting, organizing, coding, merging, managing, and cleaning the data
  • Determining the ideal sample size
  • Conducting analyses and assessing assumptions to examine the research questions
  • Testing reliability such as; Cronbach’s alpha, test-retest reliability, split-half reliability, and inter-rater reliability and validity such as; content validity, construct validity, criterion validity, internal validity, and external validity
  • Writing up all the results, including tables and figures
  • Providing syntax and raw output file
  • Explaining and interpreting the results
  • Allowing unlimited e-mail and phone support to ensure that you completely understand the results of the analysis
  • Conducting two rounds of incidental statistics, i.e. if you would like additional statistics
  • Preparing an effective PowerPoint Presentation
  • Supporting you until your project is complete
  • Customize development of bioinformatics pipelines and scripts
  • Career guidance to school, college, and university students
  • Onsite customize corporate training
  • Consultancy for the development of bioinformatics Infrastructure
  • Data management