Teaching Facilities

The teaching classroom, located east of the main office, was renovated in 2017 and hosts several Horticulture lab sections, summer workshops and monthly WPS training and Orientation sessions. 

The classroom has a capacity of 36 students is maintained through the Plant Growth Facility. All Horticulture lab sections are scheduled through the Horticulture main office. For scheduling of Horticulture labs, contact Karen Allison: karen.allison@colostate.edu /491-8416   

The classroom contains 4 large dry erase boards, 2 Creston projector screens and lecture capture capability via Echo 360. Echo360 provides the ability to record audio, computer screen content and (optional) video of the instructor and make it available to students online. Live Stream allows students to watch remotely and is enabled for all scheduled classroom recordings. Information on Echo 360 can be found here:   


Classroom also has lockable storage cabinets, a laminar flow hood, chemical fume hood and two sinks. 

Doors are unlocked Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and locked after hours. For keycard access or after hours access, see PGF manager. 

Operations Policy

Classroom Responsibilities:

  • Events planned outside of normally scheduled class time (exam preparation, review session, tours, clubs, etc.) must be approved by PGF in advance- PGF utilized this classroom for other purposes. Do not assume the classroom is available.        
  • All storage of materials and supplies must be stored in assigned cabinets only. Material is not to be stored on counters or floors. If you need more space discuss with PGF. 
  • If classroom key is required, requests shall be completed through PGF main office. PGF will process request and key requester’s responsibility to pick up key at key desk when ready.     
  • If main greenhouse access is required (warehouse, growth chambers and research greenhouses), Worker Protection Standard training (WPS) and on-site orientation is required. 
  • Lab sections must clean up after the end of each section 
  • Soil, plant material is NOT to be washed down sinks or placed in trash. A compost bin is provided for organic matter 
  • NO storage of chemicals, pesticides or hazardous waste. 
  • Lab sections are responsible for supplying staplers, dry erase markers and other office supplies. 


    PGF office is available for minor trouble shooting or technical difficulties. If we are unavailable, immediately report any technical or AV problems to ACNS: Dial 0 from classroom phone or (970) 491-5920 | help@colostate.edu