Where Food Comes From

The Terra building at CSU Spur brings together the food supply chain – from the farm to the fork – and while educating consumers about where their food comes from. The Food Innovation Center provides opportunities for consumers to become more familiar with food processing techniques and the complexities tied to product design and development.

Modern building with rooftop greenhouses
New measurement and storage equipment lined up against a laboratory window

Why Spur?

CSU Spur’s Denver location will greatly improve the visibility and reach of Colorado State University’s expertise in food production. With proximity to Denver International Airport, Spur provides easier access to industry partners across the country. 

In collaboration with CSU’s Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, College of Agricultural Sciences faculty and research staff aim to partner with dairy, meat and produce industry leaders and commodity associations.

Contact Us

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Keith Belk

Program Lead, Food Innovation Center Meat

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Mahesh N. Nair

Program Lead, Food Innovation Center Dairy

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Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez

Program Lead, Food Innovation Center Produce

Spurring Discovery In Food And Agriculture

The CSU Spur Campus at Denver’s National Western Center brings together research, teaching and engagement activities in a modern-day approach to the university’s land-grant mission. The public-facing campus celebrates the proud tradition of Colorado agriculture while inspiring innovation with global impact.

At CSU Spur, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Experiment Station collaborate with diverse partners to provide a community-centric, experiential and lifelong learning opportunity focusing on the safety, security and sustainability of food and natural resources to enhance the well-being of humans, plants and animals.