Helping Food Innovators Succeed

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The Food Innovation Center at CSU Spur supports food and agricultural innovators to bring new food products to life. Our state-of-the-art facilities and on-site experts will help navigate the journey from field to fork.

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Additionally, we will sustain the broader food and agricultural community through trainings, outreach education, services, and through the creation of new opportunities to partner with CSU’s researchers and students.

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Lastly, we aim to engage urban consumers, young and old, in connecting with where their food comes from and the growers, ranchers and processers that make it happen.

How Can We Help?


For bench-top product design and development:

  • USDA Inspected Meat Lab
  • Dairy Innovation Lab
  • Produce Food Safety and Processing Lab
  • Culinary Development Kitchen
    • product development
    • culinary events and classes
    • commissary kitchen needs
  • Sensory research spaces
    • tasting booths
    • focus group room


On-site experts offer:

  • Full sensory tasting center
    • product validation
    • focus groups
    • shelf-life evaluation
  • Product development guidance
  • Food safety and food composition analysis
  • Labeling, claims and regulation support
  • Human centered design services


A variety of courses for diverse audiences:

  • Industry training, certifications and short courses
  • Food and ag entrepreneur classes
  • K-12 camps and programs
  • University student training, internships and capstone projects
commercial kitchen

Why Spur?

CSU Spur’s Denver location will greatly improve the visibility and reach of Colorado State University’s expertise in food production. With proximity to Denver International Airport, Spur provides easier access to industry partners across the country.

In collaboration with CSU’s Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, College of Agricultural Sciences faculty and research staff aim to partner with dairy, meat and produce industry leaders and commodity associations.

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 Michael Gabel

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Keith Belk

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Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez

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